What exactly are Google safe backlinks?

First of all, these are links from sites that usually exist for years and have many visitors.
You can only achieve a lot of website visitors if you offer enough interesting articles or
content for a certain target group or audience.

Because these are proven interesting sites, they will also receive links from third parties,
structurally increasing the authority and reputation.
Think about news media sites or sites from universities, governments, publishers, industry associations etc.

How backlinks influece website authority

Because our link building master know the power of our link building method and network.
We succeed to boost ranking for hundreds of customers who have gone before you we can give a guarantee.
Partly because many customers have very negative experiences with other so-called linkbuilders and SEO agents.

Note: Google is not a search engine but only a computer algorithm that can be influenced organically
to achieve better authority and ranking!

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